Keeping the web cool ONE SITE AT A TIME.

We have been designing & building great looking ultra functional websites Since1999. We stay out front of the latest technology to insure we deliver a fully customizable sites that will stand the true test of time. With high-end custom graphics and intuitive design and navigation, we strive to make web sites that are super user friendly. We have worked on projects ranging from International Corporations, to Small Business and everything in-between all across the United Sates and in the UK.

Graphic Design: We also have Graphic Design services for Brochures, Trade Show Advertising, Logo & Packaging Creation.

How our Web Site Design Process Works

1. Free Consultation
Our Free Consultation is designed to answer a few, targeted questions that should always be answered before designing a web site.
We'll also ask you about your business, goals, and competition. With that information in hand, we develop a proposal that will tell you
everything we're going to do as we design your web site.

2. Research - Knowing the Competition
After completing the consultation meeting, we get straight to work. Research is a very important task that has to be completed before the design of any web site. Knowing your competition will help us design a better web site. We have to improve on what they are doing well,
and eliminate or change what they are doing wrong. And then, we have to plan for your goals as a business.

4. Proposal - Showing you What We Can Do
Each proposal we put together is different. Some clients want the whole package, while others may be looking for Online marketing or or Social Media integration and marketing only. In any case, your proposal is custom tailored to your business to bring the maximum effect with the greatest efficiency.

5. Your New Sites Goes Live - the new site is completed on time and on budget.

WIREDDIGITAL Web Site Development Team:
Robert F. Neilson Sr. - Web Developer + Lead Graphic Designer + Web Application integration & SEO
Alexandra Neilson  - Web layout & Updates + Graphics + Photography + All Around Genius.
Paul Varnick / Gigaserve Networks - Hosting & Server Management + IT + Rock Star.


Web Sites Currently In Production

PMG InC. Advertising and marketing

Located in Memphis Tennessee PMG Inc. is a awesome marketing company with a great team of talented folks. Wired Digital has had the privilege to work with them on a great deal of interesting projects.

We created this simple, clean and fully mobile mini site for them. The goal was to show what they did at a glance. We accomplished that goal and more.

Northstar Studios

The newest, full-service recording studio in Jackson, TN. Providing lighting, sound or Video, for any event! North Star Studios was started in 2012 by Jeff Caughron and Keith Foster. As of March 2014, Josh and Steven Stewart have taken over operations.

As of 2016 Wired Digital has partners with NorthStar Studios to create marketing materials and Online video content.